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Ofis İçin Tablo Önerileri -

Some of the elements that make our day go well are the people we meet, the way we start the day, and the environments we are in. Accordingly, the energy of the environments we are in is reflected in our mood and mood. One of the environments where you spend the most time; If you're not working from home and going to the workplace, it's most likely the areas you work in. Naturally, it is important for your office to make you feel good in order to keep your motivation high. Tables for the office , which is your workspace, will add a lot of difference and instantly change the atmosphere of the environment. Whether your energy is high or not will affect the people in the environment and your love for your job, as well as the decoration of the office. However, the office design and the products used should be done carefully so that the employees are not distracted and they can be more focused on their work. On the other hand, the elements in the space can also be effective in terms of giving inspiration and creativity to the employees.

You can benefit from art in work areas that require such creativity. Sculptures, paintings, objects that you will place in the space will help to increase the productivity of the people there by giving a different atmosphere to the atmosphere. By displaying the art on the walls for your office or work environment, you can save space while ensuring that the walls are not empty. If you are confused and undecided while choosing, you can take a look at our table suggestions for the office.

  • Take advantage of colors.

You can hang paintings on empty walls to evaluate the walls of your office. You can choose colors that are compatible with the space, or you can benefit from color tones that will affect the energy of the environment. You can determine the colors you want to see in the table, according to the sector you work in and your needs. For example, if you have trouble focusing and have trouble concentrating, you can use blue tones heavily. table you can choose. If you are in an industry that requires effort and mostly physical work, it may be a picture dominated by the color red. The technique used in the picture may vary according to your taste. You can use oil painting, photography, printing and other techniques.

  • Project your dreams on the walls.

Your working life may not always go well, sometimes you may experience very stressful moments and feel like giving up, but if you have goals and work hard to achieve them, you should remember your goals in difficult situations. As you think about your dreams and the plans you want to realize, you can stay stronger and calmer in difficult moments and continue your work in a motivated way. It will be easier to remember them when you put in the effort and keep in mind the goals you want to achieve. For this, you can use a painting on the walls of your office that depicts your dreams.

It can be a painting that will make you feel closer to your dream and give you a sense of courage. For example, if you want to live somewhere else, it could be a picture or photograph of that city. Your goals do not need to be expressed concretely in the works, we can say that the important thing is that the works can motivate you. You can take a look at the Tightrope Walker painting by Uğurcan Çetiner in Lagu. Apart from oil painting techniques and other features, this work can remind you of the courage, skill and fearlessness of a tightrope walker. In business life, you can remember how important it is to maintain balance and keep concentration strong like a tightrope walker.

The expressions reflected in the tables for the office do not have to be illustrated, you can use prints and posters with words that can inspire you and enable you to work more effectively. When you are stressed, you can prevent your mood from falling by remembering these articles.

  • Bring nature to your office.

Plants are one of the elements that will help you feel calmer in your office and have a pleasant appearance. No matter how beautiful it looks and gives a good energy to the environment, sometimes places may not be suitable for this. The office may not have the space necessary to place the plants; the air and light of the office may not be enough. For this reason, you may have difficulty in taking care of them and you may have trouble raising them due to the intensity of your work. If you encounter such situations in your office, you can benefit from plant and nature pictures, even if they do not replace a real plant. For example, in, you can view plant pictures drawn by different artists that you can hang as diasec prints. However, you can bring nature to your work environment by framing posters with drawings of christmas rose, cactus, wild orchid, violet, cotton and poppy plants, which you can find in Artbook in Lagu, and hang them on your office walls. You can buy such posters and choose materials for your frames according to the materials and colors used in other furniture and accessories used in the space. You can choose according to your taste in wood, brass, metal and other options to be compatible with the space.

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