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Recalled Table Alexander BlackRecalled Masa Alexander Black - - Masa
Recalled Table Alexander Black Sale price117,185.00 TL Regular price130,205.30 TL
Recalled Yuvarlak Masa Beyaz Metal Terrazzo - - MasaRecalled Yuvarlak Masa Beyaz Metal Terrazzo - - Masa
Recalled Round Table White Metal Terrazzo Sale price50,453.00 TL Regular price56,059.30 TL
Recalled Orta Sehpa Cam - - Orta SehpaRecalled Orta Sehpa Cam - - Orta Sehpa
Recalled Coffee Table Sale price47,108.00 TL Regular price52,342.26 TL
Recalled Sandalye - - SandalyeRecalled Sandalye - - Sandalye
Recalled Chair Grey Sale price18,388.00 TL Regular price20,430.58 TL


lagu's use of ancient Anatolian and Greek civilizations on his inspiration board creates eclectic collections. The RECALLED series reflects the parts of this panel that were influenced by Greek architecture and lifestyle. The columns, which are the main figures of the collection based on the dining areas, give you the chance to create a movie set in your space. RECALLED, which offers the integrity of different materials from marble, traveten, terrazzo, matt chrome, wood and brass, will bring history back to life in your home.