Two Seater Sofa

As lagu, we help you create an eye-catching atmosphere in your living spaces by skillfully combining classic and modern elements in our specially designed double sofa models. Our expert team supports you at every step, ensuring that you have a double sofa design that reflects the style and luxury you want. Our double armchairs, produced with quality materials and meticulous workmanship, are pioneers in offering long-lasting use and an aesthetic appearance.


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Arthur Two Seater Sofa Grey
Arthur Two Seater Sofa Grey Sale price76,909.46 TL
Papillonne İkili Kanepe - - İkili Kanepe
Papillonne Two Seater Sofa Sale price63,091.48 TL
Fuyu İkili Kanepe - - İkili Kanepe
Fuyu Two Seater Sofa White Sale price65,592.07 TL
Up İkili Kanepe Yeşil - - İkili Kanepe
Up Two Seater Sofa Green Sale price53,998.62 TL
BAIKA İkili Kanepe - - İkili Kanepe
Baika Two Seater Sofa Sale price68,100.15 TL
Sosa İkili Kanepe - - İkili Kanepe
Sosa Two Seater Sofa Sale price52,258.80 TL
Famed İkili Kanepe Gri - - İkili Kanepe
Famed Two Seater Sofa Grey Sale price62,226.00 TL Regular price143,790.88 TL
Dottie Modular Two Seater Sofa
Dottie Modular Two Seater Sofa Sale price54,331.39 TL