Terms of service

February 16, 2021

Branch Address: Teşvikiye Mahallesi Güzelbahçe Sokak NO:1A ŞİŞLİ / İSTANBUL (Lagu)
Headquarters Address: Ferhatpaşa Mah. 25. Sokak. No:30/1 Ataşehir/İstanbul
Through the website or via intermediary means, it aims to promote and inform users about furniture, accessories, lighting, etc. products that are subject to its intellectual and industrial property rights, as well as provide remote sales services to users upon request.

The Terms of Use (Terms/Agreement) govern the conditions and terms that must be complied with when the Services are provided to the User through the Website and/or in any situation where the Website is used, regardless of whether the Services are being provided. The published Privacy Policy, Distance Sales Agreement, and other legal texts are integral parts of this Agreement.

A User who intends to benefit from the Service for their own benefit, by applying for membership to the Website or in any other electronic manner, by accepting the Terms electronically, by benefiting from the Services provided through or via the Website without becoming a member, or by visiting the Website and using it in any way, acknowledges, accepts, and declares that they have read, fully understood, and approved all provisions stated in these Terms. By accepting these Terms of Use, the User also acknowledges and declares that they will consider and comply with any information and notifications regarding the use and membership contained within the Website that will be provided by Lagu.

In the Agreement:

The Parties collectively refer to Lagu and the User,

The Website refers to the internet site or applications consisting of the domain name https://www.lagu.shop/ and/or subdomains connected to this domain name,

Products refer to designs in the fields of furniture, accessories, etc. that are subject to Lagu's intellectual and industrial rights,

Services refer to the services provided by Lagu through or via the Website, including remote sales of Products,

The User refers to the natural or legal person who enters the Website, shares the requested information for the provision of the requested Service on the Website, or aims to benefit from the Services provided on the Website in accordance with the conditions specified in other agreements and policies.


A User who wants to benefit from the rights provided by membership can complete the membership application by filling in the required sections on the Website. Upon the transmission of the necessary information, if the registration procedures are completed by Lagu, the User will be able to benefit from the membership rights. Lagu reserves the right to reject a membership application without stating any reasons, based on the evaluation it will make during the membership process. The User is obliged to promptly notify Lagu in case of any changes to the information provided during membership.

The User has the right to terminate their membership at any time, without stating a reason, by (i) sending an email to info@lagu.com.tr or (ii) calling customer service at +90 850 305 52 48.


The User will enter into distance sales agreements, separately from these Terms, for the Products they wish to purchase, in accordance with the Law on the Protection of the Consumer No. 6502 and the Regulation on Distance Contracts, which have been prepared in compliance with the applicable legislation and are available on the Website. The details regarding the provision of Services are determined in the distance sales agreements, and these Terms cover the general conditions related to the use of the Website. For the avoidance of doubt, the User, only if they qualify as a "consumer" within the meaning of the Law on the Protection of the Consumer No. 6502 and related consumer legislation, may benefit from the rights and powers granted to consumers under the provisions of these Terms and other legal texts published on the Website, within the scope of the legislation.

The User, when applying for membership, benefiting from the Services offered on the Website, and/or performing any transaction related to the Services on the Website, agrees, declares, and undertakes to comply with the rules and provisions specified in the Agreement, other legal texts in effect between the User and Lagu, and the relevant sections of the Website, and to act in accordance with all applicable legislation, and not to engage in any unlawful activities.

The User may be redirected to other portals and websites through the guidance provided on the Website. Lagu does not assume any responsibility for the portals, websites, files, and content accessed through these links, as well as the services or products offered through or the content of such portals or websites.

Due to software/internet-related technical issues such as errors, negligence, interruptions, deletions, corruption, delays in transmission, or communication network failures, interruptions may occur in the communication between the Website and the User, regardless of whether they originate from the Site or not. Lagu will not be held responsible for any problems experienced by the User due to these interruptions in communication and accessing the Website.

It is the User's responsibility to obtain the necessary network data for using the Site and the compatible hardware, devices, or updates required for using the Site. Lagu does not guarantee that the Site will function flawlessly on any device or hardware.

Lagu cannot be held responsible for any damages that may occur to the User's computer or other assets or for any damages that may be caused by viruses that may be transmitted due to the use of the Site or downloading certain materials from the Site.


The security, storage, and use of access tools (username, password, etc.) that Users use to access the system in order to benefit from the Services provided by Lagu are entirely the responsibility of the Users. Users acknowledge, declare, and undertake that they are solely responsible for any material and non-material damages arising from the security, storage, use, sharing with third parties, or any other reasons related to the access tools, and for keeping them away from the knowledge of third parties.

Users acknowledge, declare, and undertake that the information and content provided by themselves within the Site are accurate, up to date, and compliant with the law. Lagu is not obliged to investigate the accuracy and currency of the information and content submitted, modified, or provided by Users to Lagu or through the Site, nor does it undertake any commitment or guarantee that this information and content are secure, accurate, and compliant with the law. Therefore, Users are solely responsible for any damages, material or non-material, arising from incorrect, unlawful, or erroneous information and content.

No rights or claims specified to benefit from the Services provided on the Site under the Agreement can be used by individuals under the age of 18. Therefore, if the User is an individual, by accepting these Terms, the User acknowledges and undertakes that they are over 18 years of age. If the User is under 18 years of age, it will be presumed that the User has obtained approval/permission from their parent and/or guardian upon acceptance of these Terms.

If the User is a legal entity, by accepting these Terms, the User acknowledges and undertakes that it is validly established and existing in its jurisdiction, has all the power and authority, including the power to accept these Terms, and that the representative who accepts these Terms is duly authorized.

Without the explicit written consent of Lagu, the User cannot transfer their rights and obligations under this Agreement and any other agreements and policies concluded with Lagu to third parties, and cannot provide third parties with access to their system access tools and/or membership information in any way.


Lagu reserves the right to make changes to the Services and content provided through the Site. The User acknowledges and declares that they cannot claim compensation from Lagu for any direct or indirect damages suffered or to be suffered as a result of such changes or cancellations, under any name.

Lagu may change these Site Terms of Use at any time without any notification. After each change, the Effective Date at the beginning of the Agreement will be updated by Lagu. Users are responsible for continuously monitoring the Site and the information provided regarding updates. However, in any case, Users who continue to use the Site after changes have been made to the Site Terms of Use will be deemed to have accepted the current version of the Terms.


Lagu agrees to fulfill its obligations arising from all applicable legislation, including the Law on the Protection of Personal Data, and the Privacy Policy available on the Site, regarding the confidential information and personal data provided by the User to Lagu through the Site for the purpose of benefiting from the Services provided on the Site.

Notwithstanding the provisions specified in the Privacy Policy, the User acknowledges and undertakes that, in cases where Lagu is obliged to disclose the confidential/private/commercial information of the Users to official authorities within the scope of the current mandatory legislation, upon a duly made request by the official authorities, Lagu will be authorized to disclose the Users' information to such official authorities.


The User acknowledges and declares that all ideas, designs, Products, Services, and visuals, including but not limited to intellectual property content, announced/offered by Lagu through the Site, are owned solely by Lagu, as the sole owner under the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works, Industrial Property Law, and relevant legislation. Therefore, the User cannot copy, process, distribute, disrupt the operation/functioning, resell, share, distribute, exhibit, reproduce, create derivative works from, or prepare any works or materials derived from Lagu's intellectual property content in any way. All rights and elements of the Site, including but not limited to the design, text, images, HTML code, and other codes, are owned by Lagu.

The User declares and undertakes that they will not engage in any activity aimed at obtaining the source code of the Site, will not violate the security of any computer network, will not break security encryption codes, will not engage in reverse engineering or SPAM mail/malware attempts, and will not engage in any activity that may infringe upon Lagu's intellectual and industrial property rights.


In cases of force majeure, such as natural disasters, war, civil war, mobilization, fire, explosion, uprising, terrorism, cyber attacks, prolonged and comprehensive power outages, the decision to block access to the internet site(s) where advertisements that prevent the publication of advertisements/advertisements will be published, the IP addresses associated with these sites, and ad server systems, legislation changes, which are unforeseeable and beyond the control of the Parties, Lagu shall not be held responsible for delayed, incomplete, or non-performance of the Services through the Site. In cases of force majeure, delay, incomplete performance, or non-performance shall not be considered as default, and the User shall not be entitled to claim any compensation under any name for these circumstances.


By accepting these Terms and becoming a member of the Site, the User is deemed to have consented to be contacted by Lagu through the mobile phone number or email address provided in their membership information for the purpose of general and specific campaigns, advantages, promotions, product and service introductions, advertising, market research surveys, and other customer satisfaction practices, including informing them about these matters, conducting surveys.

The User has the right to refuse to receive commercial electronic communications at any time, without stating any reasons, by (i) sending an email to info@lagu.com.tr or (ii) calling customer services at 0850 305 52 48.


Turkish law shall apply to the implementation, interpretation, and management of legal relations arising from this Agreement, including its provisions. In the event of any dispute arising out of or in connection with this Agreement or which may arise in the future, Istanbul Central (Çağlayan) Courts and Enforcement Offices shall have jurisdiction.


Upon the User's acceptance of the Site Terms of Use, they shall become binding for the Parties. The provisions and consequences of these Terms shall continue to be in effect as long as the User continues to use the Site and the Services, whether as a member or a non-member.

Lagu may unilaterally terminate the User's membership and/or prevent the User from benefiting from the Services on the Site if the User violates their obligations set forth in these Terms or any other legal texts to be concluded with the User through the Site, or in the following cases. In such cases, the User shall be liable to compensate Lagu for any direct or indirect damages suffered:

- The User engages in behaviors that manipulate the operation of the Site using any method.
- The User engages in actions that violate the rights of third parties.
- The information, content, visuals, and texts shared by the User on the Site contain unlawful elements, or even if they do not contain elements that are contrary to the law and morality, they are shared on the Site for unlawful purposes.


The User can communicate their requests and complaints regarding the use of the Site and/or the provision of the Services and Products to Lagu through the following contact information:

Lagu Contact Information:

HEAD OFFICE ADDRESS: Ferhatpaşa Mah. 25. Sokak. No:30/1 Ataşehir/İstanbul
BRANCH ADDRESS: Teşvikiye Mahallesi Güzelbahçe Sokak NO:1A ŞİŞLİ / İSTANBUL

Email Address: info@lagu.com.tr