The IRREGULAR series, which stands out with furniture that captures aesthetics in an irregular form and lighting solutions that distinguish itself from the like, brings life to living spaces with its elegance and warm materials. The collection, where we see the unsymmetrical variations of walnut and brass, which has become the signature of lagu, promises a contemporary and long-lasting design language. IRREGULAR series, which has different options for lighting enthusiasts, will offer a calm atmosphere by spreading homogeneous light in your space.


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Irregular Şifoniyer - - KomodinIrregular Şifoniyer - - Komodin
Irregular Dresser Sale price82,705.35 TL
Irregular Komodin Sol - - KomodinIrregular Komodin Sol - - Komodin
Irregular Commode Left Sale price55,171.20 TL
Irregular Komodin Sağ - - KomodinIrregular Komodin Sağ - - Komodin
Irregular Commode Right Sale price55,171.20 TL
Irregular Sarkıt Aydınlatma Dörtlü - - AydınlatmaIrregular Sarkıt Aydınlatma Dörtlü - - Aydınlatma
Irregular Quad Pendant Lighting Sale price39,536.00 TL
Irregular Sarkıt Aydınlatma - - AydınlatmaIrregular Sarkıt Aydınlatma - - Aydınlatma
Irregular Pendant Lighting Sale price10,069.00 TL
Irregular Lambader - - AydınlatmaIrregular Lambader - - Aydınlatma
Irregular Floor Lamp Sale price15,042.00 TL
Irregular Sehpa Işıklı - - Yan SehpaIrregular Sehpa Işıklı - - Yan Sehpa
Irregular Coffee Table with Light Sale price26,426.40 TL
Irregular Şifoniyer (Teşhir) - - KomodinIrregular Şifoniyer (Teşhir) - - Komodin
Irregular Dresser (Display) Sale price70,299.60 TL Regular price82,705.35 TL