Ideal pieces for displaying your decorative sculptures and other decorative objects in your living spaces and making them more visible are pedestals. Wooden and plexiglass pedestals in the lagu collection offer elegance and functionality together. In addition, we offer special production options according to the demands and needs of the customers.


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Hidden Kaide Küçük - - KaideHidden Kaide Küçük - - Kaide
Hidden Pedestal Small Sale price10,930.00 TL
Hidden Kaide Orta - - KaideHidden Kaide Orta - - Kaide
Hidden Pedestal Medium Sale price11,840.00 TL
Hidden Kaide Büyük - - KaideHidden Kaide Büyük - - Kaide
Hidden Pedestal Large Sale price12,751.00 TL
Mark Kaide Küçük - - KaideMark Kaide Küçük - - Kaide
Mark Pedestal Small Sale price8,554.00 TL
Mark Kaide Orta - - KaideMark Kaide Orta - - Kaide
Mark Pedestal Medium Sale price9,979.00 TL
Mark Kaide Büyük - - KaideMark Kaide Büyük - - Kaide
Mark Pedestal Large Sale price11,405.00 TL
Lagu Dark Kaide - - KaideLagu Dark Kaide - - Kaide
Lagu Dark Pedestal Sale price9,563.00 TL
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Kıvrımlı Ahşap Kaide - - KaideKıvrımlı Ahşap Kaide - - Kaide
Curved Wooden Pedestal Sale price19,000.00 TL