Decoration Suggestions for Small Living Rooms!

Lounges are one of the areas where you often go to host your guests, relax, eat or watch television in your home. Therefore, it is also one of the most important parts of the house. Since the purposes of use of the living room may differ from person to person, it is useful to decide in advance how you want to use it in order to achieve a beautiful result in decoration. For example, if you are going to have your meals in the living room, if you want to create a corner to watch TV, or if you have other ideas, you can create a draft for a layout accordingly. Thus, you can choose the most suitable items in the layout according to the size and shape of your living room and place them accordingly. When you determine these in advance, you can get better results because you will choose according to the size and shape of your living room. The size of the space, which is one of the priority factors when designing a space, also plays a role in creating the decoration. If you don't have enough space in your living room, you can't decide how to place your belongings or what kind of products you can choose, you can take a look at our decoration suggestions for small living rooms .

  • Make functional choices.

The first things that come to mind when it comes to living room are usually large sofas, coffee tables, TV unit. There is furniture , but there are also many small items, special items, books in our living room. Placing them carefully is even more important, especially in small living rooms. Because such tiny items can be messy in small living rooms and create clutter. Therefore, if the size of your living room is not enough, it would be appropriate to turn to furniture that can also create storage areas. For example, you can choose functional models such as sofa models with a base, a TV unit with a cover, or coffee tables with storage space. In this way, you can store the items you want in closed areas without creating a messy look.

The Famed Nero TV Unit, which can also be designed with different marble and wood options in Lagu, may be suitable for your living room. Hidden drawers inside the drawers can save you more space. In addition, when separators are used in the drawers, by placing the items more regularly, you can remember where you put them and find them more easily, and you can use the space more efficiently.

With this modern coffee table Create a stylish but functional space with its designs. As a center table, you can choose a model with a drawer or a storage space. On the other hand, you can also use nesting stands to save space. For example, you can choose a large coffee table and add a C coffee table in a different form to its edge. Thus, you can carry it wherever you want when you use it, and at other times you can prevent crowding in the space by intertwining it.

  • Use modular systems.

One of the decoration ideas for small living rooms is corner sofas due to their less space and comfortable use. The Dottie L armchair in Lagu, with its minimal, simple design and comfortable seating and modular system, can make the space look spacious by taking up less space in your living room.

Thanks to its modular system, you can use it as a single seat by separating it whenever you want, or you can use it adjacent to each other, thanks to its connection at the bottom. This type of modular armchairs can help you create a larger seating area by taking up less space. The comfortable portable poufs you will add to the sides of the seat can also make you feel comfortable; You can create extra sitting areas to stretch your feet or to sit more comfortably when your guests come.

  • Include mirrors.

The use of mirrors, which is one of the moves that most of us know, which helps to make small spaces look wider, will also work for you in small living rooms. You can choose the one that suits your style both to get a nice decorative look and to make the place look more spacious. Using wide mirrors will be a more appropriate decision as it will deepen the space more. You can make combinations according to the frames in different geometries that you will hang on the wall, or you can look at the models that you will fix on the wall.

  • Proceed from a less colorful palette.

We recommend using different tones of a single color for a simple and stylish look in rooms that are not big enough. Using light colors such as cream, beige, white, gray will make the environment look wider and more spacious. While using these colors, you can make a difference by using patterns in the textures. It would be appropriate to prefer vertical striped patterns. For example, simple pinstripe curtains or carpets and rugs can add movement to the space. In addition, when choosing a carpet, even if your space is small, it will be more pleasant to choose large carpets according to the space. Seeing the sofa, coffee tables and other objects on a single carpet on the floor can make you look wider.

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