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lagu's table collection is appreciated with its modern and contemporary designs. Each table offers creative and functional solutions that add value to your living spaces. Produced with carefully selected materials and state-of-the-art production processes, these tables offer durability and elegance together.


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Famed Çalışma Masası Alexander Black - lagu.shop - Çalışma MasasıFamed Çalışma Masası Alexander Black - lagu.shop - Çalışma Masası
Famed Desk Alexander Black Sale price60,586.90 TL
İngiliz Çalışma Masası - lagu.shop - Çalışma Masasıİngiliz Çalışma Masası - lagu.shop - Çalışma Masası
British Desk Sale price99,000.00 TL
#Metal_Pirinç Kaplama#Metal_Pirinç Kaplama
PAPILLONNE Masa Sale price111,159.00 TL