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Nowadays, when we can easily access series replays and access different movies and series from many different platforms, the rate of viewing is increasing due to the ease of access and the fact that we spend more time at home. While watching some movies or TV series, the subject is how important the performances of the actors are; The shooting locations, clothing and products also manage to attract the attention of the audience. Such details, in order to create a more realistic feeling in the audience and to better reflect the desired message; it becomes one of the issues that the directors do a long research on the set crew and pay attention to. In fact, some selected products are so compatible with and identify with the characters that many people want to be influenced by them and buy and use those items. Along with the products, the places where the memorable scenes were shot also leave a great impression on the audience; they can visit those places and establish bonds.

One of the most popular TV series lately. As it came to the fore with the subject of the TV series Unfaithful, which was broadcast on Kanal D, starring Cansu Dere, Caner Cindoruk, Melis Sezen, Burak Sergen, Tarık Emir Tekin; The products used are also frequently discussed with the shooting locations. Viewers want to get detailed information about the items used by researching the furniture sponsors of the unfaithful TV series .

In the series, which is known to be shot in Istanbul and Tekirdağ; In the new season, we can see that the Asian character played by Cansu Dere has moved back to her old house in Tekirdağ. Due to the plot of the series, we can realize the feeling that Asya does not want to remember the memories of living there in her old house, where she has just moved, and that she has started a new chapter of her life with the big changes she has made in her home.

A simple, minimal and modern choice was appropriate in the seat selection, as a tone close to the color of tile on the walls of the living room of Asian character and dark wood colors on the floor. The Dottie corner sofa belonging to the Lagu brand, which is one of the unfaithful furniture sponsors, is used in the middle of the Asian living room to achieve an eye-catching style. It has a modular system and can be placed in such a way that there is no space between the modules with the connection apparatus provided from the bottom.

Also Dottie Armchair; While it is an armchair that reflects the Asian character that likes simplicity and prefers to use quality products; It is also an L armchair that can be positioned most comfortably on the plan of the house. This colorful cushion with Kenzo pattern, which contains many colors such as fuchsia, pink, yellow and blue used on the sofa, is combined with a powder pink teddy cushion to create a very pleasant appearance. If you are using a sofa in light tones, you can choose such colorful pillows to add vitality to your home. In addition, aside from the colors of the throw pillows, you can add a different atmosphere to your living room by placing models in different textures or sizes with the armchair. In addition, the two Lagu design Natur poufs we saw next to the Dottie armchair added naturalness to the space with its linen texture. We can say that Natur puff is one of the most useful complementary products with its easy portability and comfortable seating. No matter how important the large furniture used in the space is in interior design, such small details play a role in ensuring the completion of the space. You can also achieve an aesthetic appearance in your home with pouf models made with different materials and sizes. You can examine the poufs in Lagu.shop, which are designed in many different forms and with materials such as brass, metal, leather and chenille.


While the Unfaithful series stands out with its furniture, it also stays in mind with the accessories used in decoration. The green fiberglass sculpture-like flowerpot, which you can find in Lagu, is used on the console between the open kitchen of Asia and the entrance hall, providing a nice transition. On the other hand, various decorative objects were used on the glass coffee table in the middle of the living room, creating a simple and elegant feeling at home without creating clutter. You can also feel better in the space by using various accessories according to the main colors and materials used in your living room. For example, you can create this perception by using objects designed with natural materials to capture a natural atmosphere. Finally, when choosing these details, it will be the right choice for you to make choices according to your personal taste and the feeling you want to create in the space.

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