Bergere and Single Seats

lagu's armchairs and single armchairs offer comfort and elegance together. Modern and contemporary designs combine with high-quality materials to add elegance to your home. With its eye-catching color and texture options, seating solutions for all tastes are waiting for you.


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Dottie Tekli Modül - - ModülDottie Tekli Modül - - Modül
Dottie Single Module White Sale price26,191.46 TL
Papillonne Koltuk Tekli - - Tekli KoltukPapillonne Koltuk Tekli - - Tekli Koltuk
Papillonne Armchair Velvet Sale price31,143.00 TL
Minio Tekli Koltuk Turuncu - - Tekli KoltukMinio Tekli Koltuk Turuncu - - Tekli Koltuk
Minio Armchair Orange Sale price40,203.45 TL
Sosa Tekli Koltuk Açık Kahverengi - - Tekli KoltukSosa Koltuk Tekli - - Tekli Koltuk
Sosa Armchair Light Brown Sale price27,219.73 TL
Famed Tekli Koltuk Gri - - Tekli KoltukFamed Tekli Koltuk Gri - - Tekli Koltuk
Famed Armchair Grey Sale price91,110.60 TL
Fuyu Tekli Koltuk Beyaz - - Tekli KoltukFuyu Koltuk Tekli - - Tekli Koltuk
Fuyu Armchair White Sale price35,958.30 TL
Baika Tekli Koltuk - - Tekli KoltukBaika Tekli Koltuk - - Tekli Koltuk
Baika Armchair Sale price43,824.90 TL
Up Tekli koltuk - - Tekli KoltukUp Tekli koltuk - - Tekli Koltuk
Up Armchair Sale price34,455.75 TL
Rec Berjer - - BerjerRec Berjer - - Berjer
Rec Bergere Sale price26,305.40 TL
Arthur Single Module BlueArthur Tekli Modül - - Modül
Arthur Single Module Blue Sale price41,314.84 TL
Vintage Deri Tv Koltuğu - - Tekli KoltukVintage Deri Tv Koltuğu - - Tekli Koltuk
Vintage Leather TV Armchair Sale price60,900.00 TL
Hidden Single Sofa LeatherHidden Koltuk - - Tekli Koltuk
Hidden Single Sofa Leather Sale price69,558.30 TL