Bergere and Single Seats

lagu's armchairs and single armchairs offer comfort and elegance together. Modern and contemporary designs combine with high-quality materials to add elegance to your home. With its eye-catching color and texture options, seating solutions for all tastes are waiting for you.


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Papillonne Armchair Velvet
Papillonne Armchair Velvet Sale price35,450.00 TL
Dottie Tekli Modül - - Modül
Dottie Single Module White Sale price26,191.00 TL Regular price26,191.46 TL
Minio Tekli Koltuk Turuncu - - Tekli Koltuk
Minio Armchair Orange Sale price40,203.45 TL
Sosa Tekli Koltuk Açık Kahverengi - - Tekli Koltuk
Sosa Armchair Light Brown Sale price27,219.73 TL
Famed Tekli Koltuk Gri - - Tekli Koltuk
Famed Armchair Grey Sale price45,975.00 TL Regular price91,110.60 TL
Fuyu Tekli Koltuk Beyaz - - Tekli Koltuk
Fuyu Armchair White Sale price35,958.30 TL
Baika Tekli Koltuk - - Tekli Koltuk
Baika Armchair Sale price34,635.00 TL Regular price43,824.90 TL
Up Tekli koltuk - - Tekli Koltuk
Up Armchair Sale price34,455.75 TL
Rec Bergere
Rec Bergere Sale price18,413.00 TL Regular price26,305.40 TL
Arthur Single Module Blue
Arthur Single Module Blue Sale price41,314.84 TL
Vintage Deri Tv Koltuğu - - Tekli Koltuk
Vintage Leather TV Armchair Sale price60,900.00 TL
Hidden Single Sofa Leather
Hidden Single Sofa Leather Sale price69,558.30 TL