Round table

Lagu's round table collection offers a modern and functional touch in every area of your home. Our round tables, available in different sizes and materials, impress with their original designs while offering long-term usage with high-quality materials. Our round table collection stands out as versatile pieces that can be used in every area of your home. They can be utilized as an elegant dining table in your living room or dining room, as a meeting table in your office, or as a decorative piece in your lounge. With a wide range of color and design options, our collection caters to all tastes and matches any decoration style.


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Recalled Yuvarlak Masa Beyaz Metal Calacatta Bluette - - MasaRecalled Yuvarlak Masa Beyaz Metal Calacatta Bluette - - Masa
Tim Yuvarlak Masa Pirinç - - MasaTim Yuvarlak Masa Pirinç - - Masa
Tim Round Table Brass Sale price60,664.72 TL
Hidden Yuvarlak Masa - - Yuvarlak MasaHidden Yuvarlak Masa - - Yuvarlak Masa
Hidden Round Table Sale price59,695.30 TL
Natur Round TableNatur Yuvarlak Masa - - Masa
Natur Round Table Sale price94,253.32 TL
Fold TableFold Table
Fold Table Sale price55,175.00 TL