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(Hereinafter referred to as "Lagu") values the protection of personal data of our esteemed visitors and potential customers. Therefore, we have prepared this text to inform you about the protection, processing, storage, and sharing of your personal data that may be obtained and/or required during your visit to the website (hereinafter referred to as the "Site") operated, designed, and managed by Lagu, as well as other digital media owned by Lagu.

The Site, mobile application, and other digital platforms will hereinafter be referred to as the "Platforms."

Please note that the protection promised under this Privacy Policy applies only to Lagu and is not applicable to third-party platforms for which you may be redirected through the Platforms. In such cases, we recommend reviewing the privacy policies of the third-party platforms you are directed to.

When purchasing Lagu products through the Platforms, subscribing to the e-newsletter containing periodically prepared and published collection content or for Lagu to contact you, or simply visiting the Platforms as a visitor, certain information is collected, stored, protected, and/or retained by Lagu. This data may or may not contain personal information.

Below, the collection, storage, protection, retention, and your rights regarding the information obtained or to be obtained by Lagu as a result of the processes described above are regulated. It should be noted that Lagu protects your information in accordance with this text and the Personal Data Protection Law (KVKK).

Anyone who approves this text or continues to use the Platforms without approving it, within the limits specified below, explicitly consents and authorizes the processing, storage, and retention of their personal data during the membership period or for any legally prescribed period or the period announced/announced by Lagu, the analysis, classification, updating, transfer within and/or outside the country, and transfer to third-party business partners and/or consultants for the purpose of providing Lagu services.


Personal data refers to information that identifies you or can be used to identify you. The information you share with Lagu through the Platforms may fall within the scope of personal data. Examples of personal data include your identification information, name, surname, date of birth, city/country of residence, profession, gender, email address, phone number, home address, and internet protocol (IP) address. Some of the information you provide to Lagu may be mandatory (such as IP information), while others are optional information you choose to share with us or grant us access to.

When you use the Platforms, we may obtain the following information from you through the following methods:

Using site login information,
Using the information shared during site registration,
Using the contents of emails sent to us.


Lagu obtains your personal data during the provision of services through communication information provided on the Platforms to provide information on requested topics to visitors and potential customers. Your personal data, such as your name, surname, email address, and phone number, obtained through the form you fill out or the request you submit through the Platforms, are collected and processed by Lagu to respond to your request and provide better service through more effective communication with you.


To receive detailed information about Lagu's services, collection contents, new collections, and/or new products, or to promote our services, you

may subscribe to our electronic newsletter through a form. We may obtain your personal information, specifically your email address, through this form. With this information, we aim to send you e-newsletters to introduce our services and provide you with more detailed information about Lagu products. You can unsubscribe from these newsletters at any time by using the link provided in the newsletters or by sending an email to For detailed information about the e-newsletter, please refer to the "Electronic Commercial Communication" section in the Privacy Policy.


Lagu may obtain some of your personal data within the scope of membership to the Platforms, which will enable Lagu's visitors or potential customers to stay informed about updates, access special applications such as campaigns and promotions provided by Lagu through the Platforms, create exclusive lists, add favorites, and offer membership-related services. The personal data you need to provide and willingly disclose in order to become a member are as follows: your full name, phone number, gender, home address, email address, date of birth, and similar data. During the registration process, you can also subscribe to the E-Newsletter. In this case, in addition to the services offered within the membership, we aim to provide more detailed information about our services, catalogs, and collections by sending you E-Newsletters.


Lagu provides its members the opportunity to purchase products through the Platforms. Visitors and potential customers who wish to procure products within the Lagu framework are required to become members. In such a case, in addition to the data obtained during the membership process as described above, certain information necessary for postal and courier services (such as address information, identification numbers) and payment-related information (detailed information about the payment card to be used, specific information regarding online payment systems with which Lagu has an agreement, such as iyzico, Visa, Mastercard) will be collected and processed by Lagu due to the nature of the business.

When you use the Platforms, we may obtain the following information from you through the following methods:

Service Data You Request for Evaluation or Review: Information reflecting your general service preferences on the Platforms and other data you voluntarily share for evaluation purposes will be recorded in our infrastructure and may be used in later stages to provide you with better service.

Usage Data: After you enter the Platforms as a visitor, usage and traffic data about you will be collected. This may include data such as which sections of the Platforms you visited, what you clicked on, when you performed these actions, which site directed you to the Platforms, and the search terms you used to access the Platforms. Additionally, our network servers keep log files that record data each time a device accesses them.

Device Data: When you use a mobile device such as a tablet or phone to access our services, data such as your IP address, operating system version, device type, system and performance information, and browser type are collected. Lagu may also access, collect, track, store on your device, and/or remotely store one or more "device identifiers." Device identifiers are small data files or similar data structures stored on or associated with your mobile device, uniquely identifying your mobile device. A device identifier can provide us or our third-party partners with information about how you navigate our website and application, your demographic information, and how you use Lagu's service, and can help us or others provide reports, personalized content, and ads. If the availability of device identifiers is impaired or blocked, some features of the services we provide may not function properly.

Location Information: Lagu may collect data regarding the location from which you access the Platforms.


The information collected by Lagu can be used in various ways collectively to optimize and improve Lagu's services, enrich the database, and enhance the services provided to users through this database. Lagu may use this information for application management, security, promotional activities, research, and analysis. No collected information will be disclosed to the public.

Lagu uses your email address and other contact information to send you E-Newsletters for informative purposes and to facilitate the delivery of products after purchase. Lagu may use the personal data you share and any content you provide for advertising, promotion, notifications, announcements, and other purposes, both by itself and by others, in order to provide you with better service and service optimization. Additionally, your information may be used or shared with third parties, provided it is anonymized.

Lagu is obliged to take the necessary technical and administrative measures to ensure the highest level of security in order to prevent the unlawful processing and unauthorized access of personal data, as well as to safeguard the protection of personal data. In the event of unauthorized access to the system storing your data, disruption or alteration of the system's operation resulting in the acquisition, alteration, or deletion of your information, Lagu is obliged to notify the data subject and the relevant administrative authorities. Whenever you visit the Platforms, your IP address, operating system, browser type (Chrome, Explorer, etc.), connection time and duration, and similar information are automatically recorded. These collected pieces of information may be used by Lagu, associated with your personal information or used in an anonymous form, without being shared with third parties.

Lagu grants limited access to information to employees and business partners who need access to such information, including third-party partners, primarily due to legal obligations or within the scope of Lagu's system operations.

The acquisition, processing, and storage methods of personal data described above are generally based on the data provided by the individuals themselves and the statements made by the individuals. Lagu is not obligated to verify the accuracy of the data provided by visitors or potential customers, nor does it accept responsibility for false statements.

Furthermore, the data reaching Lagu from our visitors is processed only to the extent necessary and, even if processed, unnecessary data is deleted, destroyed, and/or anonymized from our systems within a short period of time. The collection and processing of which data by Lagu will be determined in accordance with the purposes stated in this policy.


Collected personal data, including the storage of such data, can be transferred, processed, and stored in countries worldwide other than the country and jurisdiction where the user is located, in order to carry out the activities specified in this Privacy Policy. Lagu may transfer users' information, including personal data, to another country or jurisdiction that does not have data protection laws similar to or the same as those in the jurisdiction where the user is located.

Accordingly, Lagu may assign the processing process to another party through a subcontract or share your information with third parties located in countries other than the one you reside in, in order to carry out the activities specified in this Privacy Policy. Therefore, your personal information may be subject to privacy rules different from those in your country. However, the data will be processed within the scope specified in this policy.

Lagu may share personal information, considering its legal obligations, with companies providing services (such as data centers or customer service centers). These service providers are responsible for protecting this information.

Lagu may share personal data with public authorities authorized to request personal data (in cases where there is an obligation to provide information related to combating crime and threats to state and public security, etc.) in order to fulfill its legal obligations

Lagu does not engage in renting, selling, or sharing users' personal information with unrelated companies or third parties. However, Lagu may share non-personal (anonymous) aggregated information with third parties.


If you request to receive electronic commercial communication via our E-Newsletters, you need to indicate that you have read this text and express your desire to receive the E-Newsletter by checking the appropriate box on the form available on the Platforms.

You have the right to terminate the receipt of E-Newsletters and electronic commercial communication at any time without stating any reasons.

You can exercise these rights free of charge by clicking the link provided at the bottom of any E-Newsletter or electronic commercial communication you receive, or by sending an email to

Following the receipt of your termination request, Lagu will cease the sending of E-Newsletters and electronic communication within 5 (five) business days.


By applying to Lagu, you have the right to:

Learn whether your personal data is being processed,
Request information if your personal data has been processed,
Learn the purpose of processing and whether your personal data is being used in accordance with its purpose,
Learn the third parties to whom your personal data is transferred, whether domestically or internationally,
Request correction if your personal data is incomplete or inaccurate,
Request the deletion and/or destruction of your personal data within the framework of relevant legislation,
Request notification of the actions taken regarding your personal data as per subparagraphs (e) and (f) to third parties to whom your personal data has been transferred,
Object to any negative consequence arising from the analysis of your personal data solely through automated systems,
Request the remedy of any damages in case you suffer damages due to the unlawful processing of your personal data.

If you submit your requests regarding your personal data to Lagu through the methods specified in this text, Lagu will respond to your request within a maximum of thirty days, depending on the nature of the request. However, if the Personal Data Protection Board sets a fee for such requests, the fee specified by Lagu will be charged.

In accordance with KVKK, you can submit your requests regarding the abovementioned rights in writing or by using your registered electronic mail (KEP) address, secure electronic signature, mobile signature, or the email address registered in our system.

You can send your requests in writing to the address Teşvikiye Mahallesi Güzelbahçe Sokak NO:1A ŞİŞLİ / İSTANBUL with a wet signature or to the email address in the abovementioned ways.


This Privacy Policy may be revised and updated as new features are added to the Platforms or based on suggestions received from our users. In such cases, we will inform you of the changes by publishing them on our website. In some significant cases, we may also provide additional notifications through email or other attention-grabbing methods designed to inform you of the changes. If you continue to use our services after being informed about these changes, you will be deemed to have accepted the changes to our privacy policy. If you do not agree to the terms of this privacy policy or any updated privacy policy, you can terminate your subscription to the E-Newsletters at any time or contact us to take the necessary steps. Therefore, we recommend that you review the Privacy Policy each time you visit the Platforms. This document was last updated on February 17, 2021. The provisions of the Privacy Policy shall become effective on the date of publication if any changes are made.


Plugins belonging to social media platforms such as Twitter or can be embedded on the Platforms. The relevant plugins will be provided by Facebook Inc. and Twitter Inc.

Facebook is operated by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA ("Facebook"). You can review the Facebook plugins and views at the following address:

Twitter is operated by Twitter Inc., 1355 Market St, Suite 900, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA. You can review the Twitter buttons and views at the following address:

If the social media plugins mentioned under this section are embedded on the Platforms, information related to your areas of interest, such as the products you have viewed, the time spent on specific pages, and the information accessed through your social media accounts if you have connected through these social media platforms, may be collected when you visit the Platforms.

If you wish to review the privacy-related recommendations provided by the respective social media organizations:

Privacy policy published by Facebook:

Privacy policy published by Twitter:


During your time on the Platform, cookies, which are also referred to as "cookies" or similar tracking data such as JavaScript codes for analyzing site usage data, may be placed on your computer. Cookies are simple text files that do not contain identity or other personal information. They store session information and similar data that can be used to recognize you. We use cookies to provide you with personalized services, verify your identity when you visit our platforms, and improve our services.

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