We combine our own manufactured and patented furniture with metal, wood, glass, natural fiber, textile, marble, stone, concrete, laminate and many other materials. Our product range extends to dining room, living room, bedroom, decor accessories. We give our customers the flexibility to design new furniture: original lagu furniture can be redesigned for our customers' ideas and needs, or you can buy products directly from our catalogue.


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47 products

Arthur Fabric Storage OttomanArthur Fabric Storage Ottoman
Arthur Fabric Storage Ottoman Sale price21,186.00 TL
Arthur Two Seater Sofa GreyArthur İkili Kanepe Gri - - İkili Kanepe
Arthur Two Seater Sofa Grey Sale price76,909.46 TL
Arthur Corner ModuleArthur Köşe Modül - - Modül
Arthur Corner Module Sale price42,725.10 TL
Arthur Modular Three Seater SofaArthur Modüler Kanepe Üçlü - - Üçlü Kanepe
Arthur Modular Three Seater Sofa Sale price121,312.32 TL
Baika Tekli Koltuk - - Tekli KoltukBaika Tekli Koltuk - - Tekli Koltuk
Baika Armchair Sale price42,447.44 TL
BAIKA İkili Kanepe - - İkili KanepeBAIKA İkili Kanepe - - İkili Kanepe
Baika Two Seater Sofa Sale price68,100.15 TL
Baika Üçlü KanepeBaika Kanepe Üçlü - - Üçlü Kanepe
Baika Three Seater Sofa Sale price83,014.88 TL
Basic Yan Sehpa Limited Edition Blue SodaliteBasic Yan Sehpa Limited Edition Blue Sodalite - - Yan Sehpa
Basic Yan Sehpa Limited Edition CippilinoBasic Yan Sehpa Limited Edition Cippilino - - Yan Sehpa
BASIC Side Table Limited Edition Cipollino Sale priceFrom 19,000.00 TL
Basic Yan Sehpa Limited Edition Golden TravertenBasic Yan Sehpa Limited Edition Golden Traverten - - Yan Sehpa
Basic Yan Sehpa Limited Edition Grigio CaremelBasic Yan Sehpa Limited Edition Grigio Caremel - - Yan Sehpa
Basic Yan Sehpa Limited Edition Grigio OrobicoBasic Yan Sehpa Limited Edition Grigio Orobico - - Yan Sehpa
Çatlak Görünümlü Vintage Thonet Sandalye - - SandalyeÇatlak Görünümlü Vintage Thonet Sandalye - - Sandalye
Cut Boy Aynası - - Boy AynasıCut Boy Aynası - - Boy Aynası
Cut Dressing Mirror Sale price44,282.70 TL
Deco Paravan - - ParavanDeco Paravan - - Paravan
Deco Folding Screen Sale price64,389.15 TL
Dottie OttomanDottie Çok Amaçlı Modül - - Modül
Dottie Ottoman Sale price9,745.00 TL
Dottie Dark Orta Sehpa - - Orta SehpaDottie Dark Orta Sehpa - - Orta Sehpa
Dottie Dark Coffee Table Sale price70,382.72 TL
Dottie ConsoleDottie Konsol - - Konsol
Dottie Console Sale price199,279.50 TL
Dottie Corner ModuleDottie Köşe Modül - - Modül
Dottie Corner Module Sale price29,175.69 TL
Dottie L Shaped SofaDottie L Kanepe - - L Kanepe
Dottie L Shaped Sofa Sale price109,568.00 TL
Dottie Modular Two Seater SofaDottie Modüler Kanepe İkili - - L Kanepe
Dottie Modular Two Seater Sofa Sale price54,331.39 TL
Dottie Puf - - PufDottie Puf - - Puf
Dottie Pouf Sale price6,767.25 TL
Dottie Tekli Modül - - ModülDottie Tekli Modül - - Modül
Dottie Single Module White Sale price26,191.00 TL Regular price26,191.46 TL
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Dua Sandalyesi - - SandalyeDua Sandalyesi - - Sandalye
Prayer Chair Sale price25,680.00 TL
Famed Üçlü Kanepe Bold - - Üçlü KanepeFamed Üçlü Kanepe Bold - - Üçlü Kanepe
Famed Bold Three Seater Sofa Sale price179,967.58 TL
Famed Long Bench Diamond PatternFamed Bank Baklava Desen Büyük - - Banklar
Famed Long Bench Diamond Pattern Sale price29,552.25 TL
Famed Çalışma Masası Alexander Black - - Çalışma MasasıFamed Çalışma Masası Alexander Black - - Çalışma Masası
Famed Desk Alexander Black Sale price60,586.90 TL
Famed Dresuar - - DresuarFamed Dresuar - - Dresuar
Famed Dresser Alexander Black Sale price50,640.45 TL
Famed İçki Dolabı No:1 - - İçki DolabıFamed İçki Dolabı No:1 - - İçki Dolabı
Famed Liquor Cabinet No:1 Sale price93,601.20 TL
Famed İkili Kanepe Gri - - İkili KanepeFamed İkili Kanepe Gri - - İkili Kanepe
Famed Two Seater Sofa Grey Sale price62,226.00 TL Regular price143,790.88 TL
Famed Konsol No:1 - - KonsolFamed Konsol No:1 - - Konsol
Famed Console No:3 Carrara White Sale price100,082.85 TL
Famed Floor LampFamed Lambader - - Aydınlatma
Famed Floor Lamp Sale price13,352.00 TL
Famed Dressing Table Alexander BlackFamed Makyaj Masası - - Makyaj Masası
Famed Orta Sehpa Ahşap Büyük - - Orta SehpaFamed Coffee Table Wooden Large
Famed Coffee Table Wooden Large Sale price45,535.99 TL
Famed PufHidden Puf - - Puf
Famed Ottoman Sale price28,687.05 TL
Famed Sandalye - - SandalyeFamed Sandalye - - Sandalye
Famed Chair Matt Chrome Dark Gray Sale price15,565.89 TL
Famed Tekli Koltuk Gri - - Tekli KoltukFamed Tekli Koltuk Gri - - Tekli Koltuk
Famed Armchair Grey Sale price45,975.00 TL
Famed TV Ünitesi Rainforest - - TV ÜnitesiFamed TV Ünitesi - - TV Ünitesi
Famed TV Unit Rainforest Sale price70,560.00 TL
Arthur Corner SofaArthur L Kanepe - - L Kanepe
Arthur Corner Sofa Sale price134,429.45 TL
#Mermer_Alexander Black#Mermer_Alexander Black
BASIC Side Table Sale priceFrom 12,629.17 TL
Buredo Glass-Top Drawer Showcase TableBuredo Glass-Top Drawer Showcase Table
Buredo TableBuredo Table
Buredo Table Sale price91,480.00 TL
Burēdo Shelving and Storage UnitBurēdo Shelving and Storage Unit
Burēdo Shelving and Storage Unit Sale price159,244.80 TL
Basic Self Side Table LargeBasic Self Yan Sehpa - - Yan Sehpa
Basic Self Side Table Large Sale price9,976.98 TL
BASIC Self Yan Sehpa45424835133678
BASIC Self Yan Sehpa Sale priceFrom 11,396.00 TL Regular price12,662.58 TL