Large Statues

Among the most preferred ones of the famous ancient Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius collection in the decorative large-size sculptures collection, decorative marble sculptures, which are suitable for working areas such as living rooms and gardens, as well as offices and clinics, are waiting for you to add a different atmosphere to your living spaces.

In antiquity, besides pieces from ancient Greece, there are also the most famous artifacts from the renaissance period. The works, which are the footprints of civilization, were produced with marble powder from molds suitable for the originals in the world's most famous museums.


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Antik Artemis - - HeykelAntik Artemis - - Heykel
Ancient Artemis Sale price16,939.80 TL
Aphrodite Torso - - HeykelAphrodite Torso - - Heykel
Aphrodite Torso Sale price29,438.10 TL
Corinthian Sütun - - HeykelCorinthian Sütun - - Heykel
Corinthian Column Sale price2,376.00 TL
Corinthian Sütun Mumluk - - HeykelCorinthian Sütun Mumluk - - Heykel
Corinthian Column Candle Holder Sale price2,376.00 TL
Mega Ayak - - HeykelMega Ayak - - Heykel
Mega Foot Sale price32,346.00 TL
Nemesis - - HeykelNemesis - - Heykel
Nemesis Sale price237,659.40 TL
Marsias - - HeykelMarsias - - Heykel
Marsyas Sale price60,430.05 TL
Artemis Mytilene - - HeykelArtemis Mytilene - - Heykel
Artemis Mytilene Sale price41,115.60 TL
Zeus - - HeykelZeus - - Heykel
Zeus Sale price65,326.50 TL
Asclepius Siyah - - HeykelAsclepius Siyah - - Heykel
Asclepius Black Sale price24,443.10 TL
Asclepius Beyaz - - HeykelAsclepius Beyaz - - Heykel
Asclepius White Sale price24,443.10 TL
Alexander The Great Büst No:1 Büyük - - BüstAlexander The Great Büst No:1 Büyük - - Büst
Alexander The Great Büst No:1 Küçük - - BüstAlexander The Great Büst No:1 Küçük - - Büst
Artemis Heykel Büyük - - HeykelArtemis Heykel Büyük - - Heykel
Artemis Sculpture Large Sale price3,769.20 TL
Artemis Heykel Küçük - - HeykelArtemis Heykel Küçük - - Heykel
Artemis Sculpture Small Sale price1,314.90 TL