What should be the most appropriate lighting in offices?

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According to researches; Lighting in offices greatly affects the productivity and efficiency of employees. We can say that employees feel much happier in a working environment with the right light. In a place dominated by dim light, your creativity and enthusiasm for work may decrease, but you can feel energetic in a brighter environment. Natural, artificial, different types of light affect not only productivity, but also our mental and physical health. You may feel sleepy as your eyes will get more tired in the dark. However, in extremely bright environments, your eyes may become sensitive and you may have headaches. Therefore, you should not overdo it to increase the light. For these reasons, if we consider the general answer to the question of how appropriate lighting should be in your working environment, we can say that it is to adjust the balance well. When we go into more detail, we can explain it in a few items.

  • You can choose LED light.

You can observe that your energy rises when LED lighting, which gives the feeling of natural light, is selected in the environment where you will work. However, according to studies, it has also been proven to reduce sleep disturbances caused by other types of light.

Compared to LED light in terms of energy consumption with incandescent, fluorescent and other types of light, LED light is much more advantageous. You can adjust the power of the light according to the summer-winter months and optionally. Since artificial light will be used in areas where there is no natural light, we recommend you to consider this situation in terms of savings.

Also, if you have a narrow workspace, the feeling of warmth created by the light can be uncomfortable. Since LED lights produce lower temperature, it will be the right choice in this respect.

Sounds such as the hum of the lighting in the office environment can disrupt concentration and cause distraction. Therefore, instead of opting for incandescent lamps, you can minimize this noise by choosing LED lights.
  • You can pay attention to the color and brightness of the lights.

The brightness and color of the selected lightings affect your mood in your working environment. If you work long hours in your office, you can choose lighting that will reflect light in warm yellow-orange tones in order to feel less stress and relax during the day. On the other hand, it has been observed that the light color in cold blue or white tones keeps the concentration high. Therefore, you can consider this suggestion so that you or your team are not distracted in your workplace.


After the color of the light is adjusted, you can feel more comfortable in the place when you keep the brightness higher in the morning and reduce it towards the later hours of the day. This will make your day more productive. Since these situations usually change according to the time of the day, you can choose new generation lighting that you can adjust the color and brightness according to your desire.

  • You can make room for desktop lamps.

In the office environment, choosing not only indirect lighting but also direct lighting will increase your focus. In addition, while providing this benefit, it will also look aesthetically pleasing. For example, the brass-detailed Orb Lamp in Lagu can add elegance to your work environment.


You will choose according to your taste and the design of the place. desk lamp You can work more comfortably and read the texts more easily. Because in a place where there are only ceiling lights, these lights may be insufficient. Sometimes shadows can fall on your desk; You may have difficulty reading small print or drawing. Therefore, it will be necessary to make room for the lamp on your desk.

  • If you are working in Homeoffice, you may need to create a new layout.

Due to the pandemic, many people have been working from home lately. However, there are also those who use one room of their house as an office. Therefore, if you have created a working environment in your home, you should pay attention to the lighting of this area so that you do not experience distraction. If you have to work from home and you have to use your living area instead of creating a new space, you should pay attention to your lighting. You may need to make a few changes as you will have to use the room you normally use as an office for hours, such as the living room or living room. Otherwise, over time, you may encounter health problems such as eye strain and disorder, as well as your concentration and motivation may decrease.


In order to avoid these situations, keep a desk lamp on your desk as we mentioned in the previous article. This way you can focus more comfortably. If you don't have enough space on your desk, you can choose Irregular Floor Lamp or Irregular Pendant Lamp in Lagu. With the products in the Irregular series, you can change the direction of the light and adjust it, so you can reflect the titles of the products on the surface of your table by placing them near your table. In this way, you can read the articles much more clearly, or if you are dealing with a job that requires you to look in detail, it may be easier for you.

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