How to Hang a Heavy Mirror on the Wall?

Mirrors, which have a wide range of use, accompany many different decorative styles in the best way. However, some points need to be considered in order to hang these mirrors. Materials such as drills, dowels and screws are needed to hang heavy mirrors on the wall. Among the different methods, there is also the technique of sticking a mirror on the wall.

You don't need to be experienced to hang or stick your decorative and stylish heavy mirrors on the walls. But making the right planning is of great importance at this point. Before you hang your mirror, you need to choose the area where you will position it.

If you have determined the place to hang heavy mirrors, you can use the special rope on the mirror or the slots on the back. You can complete the hanging process by inserting the special hole you created and the screws on it into the slots. If you are using heavy duty chucks with ropes, you may need to use more screws. The biggest advantage of hanging heavy mirrors in this way is that you can remove them whenever you want. The most basic answer to the question of how to hang a heavy mirror on the wall is given in the figure.

How to Stick a Mirror to the Wall?

If you don't want to make holes in your wall, you can try sticking your mirrors. But here you have to consider the weight of your mirror. You should remember that some moons cannot be glued to the walls. Bonding processes are usually made using silicone.

In order to attach your mirror to the wall, you must first determine the angle and location of the mirror clearly. You can try to put small marks for this. Then the back parts of the wall and the mirror need to be wiped and dried. Silicone may not hold when working on dusty surfaces. For this reason, you should never skip the cleaning process.

With the silicone gun you obtained, you can squeeze the silicone on the back of your mirror by leaving equal spaces. You can complete the installation process by bringing your mirror closer to the area you want to hang and pressing it lightly. When hanging your mirror, you should be careful that the adhesive does not overflow from the sides.

If you are looking for a different application other than the silicone method, you can stick the mirror to the wall with paper tapes. You can use such tapes instead of using regular tapes for this process, as there will be no trace when you remove the paper tapes. You can remove the paper tape on your mirror the next day. In this way, your mirror will be hung securely. You should measure the weight and dimensions of the mirror in the process of sticking a mirror with silicone. After a while, the silicone may not be able to support the weight.

If you want to stick large and heavy mirrors to the wall, you can also try to use special feet in the lower corners together with the bonding process. You can move more easily for small decorative mirrors. Double-sided tapes are generally preferred for gluing such mirrors. The tape with the thickness you choose, which can be suitable for the dimensions of the mirror, can work. You can stick this type of tape on the back of the mirror in the form of a strip. After removing the upper protective strips of the tape, you can complete the process by paying attention to the area, angle and position you want to paste.

How Do Decorative Mirrors Come Off The Wall?

If you haven't attached the mirrors to the wall, when you lift them slightly upwards, the screws will start to come out of their sockets. If you hang it by string, you can remove the mirror from the wall with a gentle pull.

If you glued your mirror with the help of tapes or silicone, you should be more careful. If you are not careful, you can damage the wall paint and your mirror. If you glued it with silicone or double-sided tape, you can start removing the mirror from the wall with steel wire or a thick fishing line.

You can move the fishing line in your hand down, up, forward and backward by passing it through the corners of the mirror. Thus, you enter between the mirror and the adhesive. If you think that you are inexperienced for all these hanging, sticking and removing processes, you can try to get a different support at this point. In this way, you can position your mirrors in the best way that can add color to your living spaces.

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