Living Room Lighting Suggestions

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In order to achieve successful results in the design of the living room, which is one of the most important areas of our house, it is important that every detail is compatible with each other. The furniture chosen, the layout, the accessories used, the materials used on the surfaces and many other design elements have a great role in providing a beautiful appearance. In addition to these details, another important criterion is the preferred lighting. You can make the place more stylish with the living room lighting choices suitable for the environment, or it can cause you to create a bad appearance in your living room due to wrong choices. If you do not know how to decide and where to start, you can review our list of living room lighting suggestions .

Living Room Lighting Suggestions:

  • Identify the functions of the space.
  • Select the regions you want to highlight.
  • Use the light at different levels.
  • Consider the compatibility of the design with the furniture.
  • Pay attention to the quality of the material used.
  • Complete the decoration with lighting.

1.Determine the functions of the space.

While making your lighting choices, it will be useful to decide how you will use this area in order to use the space in the most efficient and comfortable way. If you are planning to create only a sitting area in your living room or if you are planning to create areas for your different needs such as working and dining areas, you may need different lighting. For example, if you want to use a corner of your living room as a reading area, you can choose floor lamp models that can be adjusted according to your taste. You can read your book more comfortably because the warm tone of the lamp you will use for this purpose will create a more comfortable environment. However, if you are planning to create a working area in your living room, you can choose models where you can change the light colors as you can focus better with white light. You can choose models that emit light in cold tones in order to concentrate better and prevent eye strain while working.

2.Select the regions you want to highlight.

In order to capture a stylish image in your living room, you can benefit from regional lighting that can highlight objects or works of art according to the placements in the space. Spotlights that can emphasize paintings or architectural details you hang on the walls will look beautiful. However, if you have a niche or shelf system in your living room, you can create a dramatic effect by using hidden LED lights in these areas.

Living Room Lighting Suggestions

You can take a look at the Irregular single pendant lighting in, which uses a combination of brass and black metal, where you can change the direction of light and reflect light to a focal point.

3. Use the light at different levels.

In interior design, for furniture and lighting to appear in harmony and to deepen the space; Instead of using the light from the lighting you prefer at the same levels, you can use different types and options. In addition, it may not be enough to provide the light with only ceiling lighting, you can choose lighting models at different heights according to the materials used, furniture and your style.

In order to create a dim environment in your living room and to achieve integrity on the walls, you can place appliques symmetrically on the edges of the paintings or mirrors hanging on the wall. In addition, you can give your living room a more elegant look with desktop lighting and lampshades that you will position on your coffee tables. For example, if your home has brass details, you can provide a beautiful finish to your living room decoration with brass Orb desktop lightings at

In order to use the light in different layers in the space, you can also choose lighting that you can use on the floor. If you have a tall sculpture or decorative products in your home, you can both highlight the work and use the light from different angles by choosing a model with an upward direction of light. On the other hand, you can create a pleasant atmosphere with floor lamps that you can place next to your seats. When choosing, it would be right to consider the compatibility with the materials you use in your home. For example, if there are marble products in the living room, a floor lamp with marble legs may be appropriate to maintain the harmony. On the other hand, if you like to use differences together, a model produced with materials that you do not use in the space may be suitable for your living room.

4. Complete the decoration with lighting.

Although lighting is an important tool to make the space look more spacious and bright and to meet our needs, it also has an important function in completing the decoration. Since it is possible to reach lighting models produced with many different colors, forms and materials, you can choose according to your taste and the style you want to create in the decor of your living room. By acting according to the textures you use in the space, you can achieve a harmonious look and reflect the style of the space. For example, if you want to evoke a summery and simple feel, you can give this air with wicker and rattan textured models. If you do not like sharp lines, you can achieve a fluid feeling in the space, far from stable appearance, with the lightings produced with blown glass in organic forms.

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