What are the Ideal Desk Dimensions?

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Whether we are working at home, in the office or anywhere, there are different details that affect our productivity. Location, colors, people, light and many other environmental factors play a role in increasing our productivity. While choosing and placing furniture; Since the angle from which the light comes, the harmony of the colors to be used and the feeling it gives, the width of the space is reflected in the mood of the people in the environment, it is designed with all in mind. All these details; While there are factors that have an impact on the creation of the motivation necessary for our work, the working area is one of the most important details for those who work at the desk.

This situation continues recently, with most people starting to work from home during the pandemic process. For this reason, you must make careful choices about creating the right space, as we can plan our home work environment ourselves. On the other hand, even if the items used in the office environment are designed correctly and placed with good planning, it can be difficult to work at a desk where comfort is not well provided and we do not feel comfortable. It has enough space and ideal for the placement of the items that we use while working, such as stationery materials, which are not ergonomically designed. desk dimensions Choosing models that are incompatible with

How high should the Desk be?

Working table dimensions; It varies between 77 cm in width, 60 cm in depth, and 71-76 cm in height. Of course, these dimensions may vary according to the dimensions of the place where the table is used, its form and the taste of the people. In addition to these, the work or the subjects that the person is dealing with are also effective in the person's preference for a comfortable design. For these reasons, before choosing your desk, you should consider your own wants, needs and how you are comfortable and make a choice. For example, if you need to draw frequently on the table, you can use curved models with a minimum width of 100 cm and a depth of 60 cm.

If there is enough space in your working environment, you can choose large tables with storage areas to comfortably store your papers, files and other materials. In this way, you can easily find the tools you use while you are working without getting up from your place and without being distracted. You can use the drawers or cabinets to create a neat and clean look on your desk with drawers when you are not working. For such models, it can be designed with different sizes and materials in Lagu; 70 cm deep, 120 cm long, with separate drawer for the keyboard, where marble, wood and brass meet Famed desk Check out the product.

As the size of the table is important, the technical features of the chair used should be taken into consideration and choices should be made. Inconsistent measurements, especially between the heights of the chair and the table, will cause you to work comfortably. On the other hand, instead of a table with fixed dimensions, by choosing models whose height and width can be adjusted; By adjusting the dimensions according to your wishes, you can make the chair you choose more compatible with your table in terms of dimensions.

The dimensions of the surface you work on are important in order to be able to focus on your work in the most comfortable way; Since it has a connection with the form, its form is also one of the points to be considered. Before choosing the shape of the table, you should act according to the form of the space, its harmony with other furniture, your taste and needs. For example, if you cannot get enough light due to the position of the windows in your room, you can choose corner tables. Models in this style will be comfortable for you to both store your belongings and work by spreading over a large area. At the same time, corner tables; If you are dealing with handicraft, you can spread your materials to some of them and do your work in others. Thus, working with a regular table layout that does not tire your eyes can increase your creativity.

While some people can concentrate better by working alone, others do more successful work as a team, inspired by different ideas, because they like the working style. Progress as a team ensures efficiency in different sectors where employees need to work in conjunction with each other. Large round or long rectangular wide tables may be useful for those working on this plan. For example; If working in a workshop environment, materials can be placed in the middle of a round table, making it easier for all people to access the tools. Thus, by being at the same table, things can progress more effectively and communication can be kept strong.

Finally, to summarize, while determining the dimensions of the work table, it would be appropriate to choose the standard dimensions based on our needs.

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