Living Room Decoration Ideas to Change the Air of Your Home

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The living room, which is one of the areas where we spend the most time in our house and where we host our guests the most, reflects us. As it reflects our personality, the atmosphere of the environment also affects our mood. The design of the house we live in plays an important role in starting the day well and ending the day well. For this reason, living room decoration ideas are the main ideas that reflect the general atmosphere of your home and require changes in between. Sometimes the accessories or furniture you use go out of fashion, and sometimes you can get bored of the same look. You don't need to make big changes to change the air of your home, even the smallest piece can change the atmosphere of the place. With a few suggestions, you can catch a nice change in your home. If you are wondering about small but big living room decoration ideas, you can review our recommendations.
  1. Pay attention to these while decorating the living room:
  2. Change the focal point of the living room!
  3. Refresh the colors you use!
  4. Use lighting products in living room decoration!
  5. Create a stylish but special space in your living room with the help of a screen!
  6. Add color to your armchairs with shawls and throw pillows!
  • Change the Focus

Large accessories or furniture in your living room can stand out directly. You can change the focal point of your living room by positioning it differently or combining it with other objects. For example, large mirror models that you will put in a corner of your living room can both add depth to the living room and refresh the space. A new focal point will be a beautiful living room decoration idea.

Product Recommendation: You can check the Gate Boy mirror in

  • Refresh Your Color Palette

You can determine the main colors in your living room and find harmony with accessories of different colors. For example, you can choose different colors for seasonal transitions or home textile pieces according to your taste. Cushions in vibrant tones that you choose during the summer months can bring the summer air to your home.

Product Recommendation : One of the most beautiful living room decoration ideas that will change the air of your home with a small move can be to change the pillows. With plain colored and striped linen throw pillows at, you can give your living room a different texture and harmonize with colors.


  • Combine Lighting Products

To make a difference in your living room decoration, you can choose compatible pendant and chandelier models. For example, you can place a lamp that is compatible with the chandelier you have chosen on your dining table in the corner of your living room.


Product Recommendation: You can combine a simple and stylish Irregular floor lamp, which you can place in a corner of your living room, with an Irregular 4 pendant lamp, which you can change the direction of the light. This selection will be one of the most stylish living room decoration ideas for your living room.


  • Separate Spaces Without Limitation

If your living room and dining area are together; You can create two separate areas inside the space with the help of a screen without drawing a clear border. It will be effective to divide the spaces, change the atmosphere. You can choose the screen according to the style of your furniture.


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  • Add Color to Your Seats

One of the easiest living room decoration ideas to apply is to use a shawl. You can change the atmosphere of your living room with shawls in different colors that you can throw on your sofa in winter or summer. At the same time, you can protect your seats from stains or lint.


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