All About 2021 Furniture Fashion!

2021 Mobilya Modası Hakkında Her Şey! -

Furniture designs made entirely from raw, natural materials found in nature 2021 furniture fashion is one of the top trends and it may seem like it can continue for a long time because there are designers who are now starting to see it as a design movement rather than a trend. It is undeniable that natural materials enable human health and reconnection with nature. You can catch this trend very easily with natural materials such as solid wood, marble and hazeran that you will use in your spaces.

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Independent and modular furniture systems that we often see in 2021 furniture fashion; It allows you to blend the freedom it offers and the different styles you will add to your space. Non-assembled or modular furniture offers functional functions in large spaces (such as living room and study room). Especially if you have a structure that frequently changes your house or existing room layout, you can position the furniture you have more easily without the need for new furniture.

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Curved forms, which are the newest to be used in this year's furniture fashion, provide you with special touch possibilities. You can create completely different spaces with curved rounded furniture that will soften the overall appearance of your room and also become a bold design focus.

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In order to adapt to the furniture fashion, apart from the forms and materials, it creates spaces that are completely special for you with patterned decorative products. The main tip when choosing a pattern is to choose 3 colors and choose the pattern - maybe stripe, geometric, flower, herringbone pattern. If you are using patterns on a large sofa in your space, you should choose details such as carpets and curtains without patterns. Using the most neutral color you use in the pattern in other complements of your space will offer you a timeless space design.

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