Small Sculptures

The most ideal and fastest solution for tiny touches and changes in your living spaces is through decorative products. Small marble sculptures are preferred for areas such as bookshelves, desktops and showcases. The ideal candidate for small surprises for yourself and your loved ones!

Among the small sculptures, Hermes, the son of Zeus and Mia, the messenger in mythology, the bust of David (David), which is considered one of the two best sculptures of Michelangelo, Milo Venus, one of the most famous works of Ancient Greek sculpture art, whose reputation has been increasing in recent years, Busts of Socrates, one of the most well-known names of ancient philosophy, and Torso's, which are the subject of perfect male and female bodies.


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Torso No:2Torso No:2
Torso No:2 Sale price2,947.19 TL
Horse HeadHorse Head
Horse Head Sale priceFrom 4,465.06 TL
Ionic Column Candle Holder No:1Ionic Column Candle Holder No:1
Ionic Column Candle Holder No:1 Sale price2,238.06 TL
The Virgin Mary Bust SmallThe Virgin Mary Bust Small
The Virgin Mary Bust Small Sale priceFrom 4,400.67 TL
Bust of SocratesBust of Socrates
Bust of Socrates Sale price1,578.69 TL
Pinax ReliefPinax Relief
Pinax Relief Sale price6,694.92 TL
Artemis - BigArtemis - Big
Artemis - Big Sale priceFrom 3,441.67 TL
Ionic Book Holder No:2Ionic Book Holder No:2
Ionic Book Holder No:2 Sale priceFrom 3,463.64 TL
Torso No:1Torso No:1
Torso No:1 Sale price2,947.19 TL
Venus of MiloVenus of Milo
Venus of Milo Sale price4,248.61 TL
Ionic Column Candle Holder No:2Ionic Column Candle Holder No:2
Ionic Column Candle Holder No:2 Sale price2,238.06 TL
Ionic Book Holder No:1Ionic Book Holder No:1
Ionic Book Holder No:1 Sale priceFrom 3,463.64 TL
Dolphin ErosDolphin Eros
Dolphin Eros Sale priceFrom 2,513.39 TL
Serpent AltarSerpent Altar
Serpent Altar Sale price7,338.92 TL
Discus ThrowerDiscus Thrower
Discus Thrower Sale price6,482.46 TL
Medusa ReliefMedusa Rölyef - - Heykel
Medusa Relief Sale price16,131.31 TL