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Papillonne Koltuk Tekli - lagu.shopPapillonne Koltuk Tekli -
Papillonne Sofa Single Mustard Sale priceFrom 17,976.00 TL
Papillonne Koltuk Tekli Limited Edition* - lagu.shopPapillonne Koltuk Tekli Limited Edition* -
Papillonne Limited Edition Seat Sale price17,904.00 TL
Save 15%
Papillonne Koltuk Tekli Kadife (Te┼čhir) - lagu.shopPapillonne Koltuk Tekli Kadife (Te┼čhir) -
Papillonne Sofa Single Velvet Striped Sale price15,280.00 TL Regular price17,976.00 TL

Papillonne Single Armchairs

The PAPILLONNE series brings a brand new face to spaces with its minimal appearance. Suitable for multi-purpose use, it offers a small and fun touch to your living space.