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Contact us for special discounts for interior architects, architects and industrial designers, as well as for collaborations in all areas you may need in your projects.

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As a professional working in the industry, do you want to use lagu products or special in your project? Or a manufacturer for custom-designed furniture for your own projects? If you decide to work with us, you can benefit from all kinds of project development and production services of our team. In the calendar we created together, we can create the products you request and make them ready for your project.

"Lagu" for professionals was created to offer special discounts and early deadlines to interior architects, designers, professionals in the field of decoration and application, and companies doing business in the country and abroad. While contributing to the rapid completion of your project, we will also follow up the production process together. You will get more comprehensive teammates than you think, and we will bring together our design understandings.


Furniture production and accessory supply for your projects, as well as special discount opportunities for the professionals we will work with. Consultancy for your projects and a freshly brewed coffee if you wish.

We look forward to meeting you with excitement, you can always contact us at for any questions you may have, or you can make a pre-interview appointment at our studio and store.

We are ready to offer you the best answers, whether with your designs or lagu products, according to the space in your home, office or project.

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